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Please pardon our progress! As we endeavor to put all of our collection portfolios online, you may periodically experience broken links or missing images. We are working to correct all technical problems as quickly as possible, so please bear with us as we go through our "growing pains." Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy browsing through some of our collections!

The University Museum first opened in 1874 as a natural science museum. Today we have over 60,000 objects, artifacts, and specimens with University, local, regional, national, and international connections in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Our current Exploring Collections Online Web Kiosk (ECO), allows us to share selections from the art and humanities through subject-related collection portfolios. Each portfolio includes these major sections: a portfolio introduction, a narrative about significant donor/s and collector/s, a summary of the portfolio's subject with pertinent details and research sources, and a selection of distinct object records that have detailed information as related to the portfolio subject.

To ECO, you can choose from the fields on the left side of this screen.

Click on Themes to view complete, subject-related collection portfolios that have been created by the Museum. These portfolios include all reference information about donor/s, collector/s, culture groups, geographic origins, and research sources as well as individual object information.

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